This book was the fourth in an intended series about each of the twelve Chinese astrological signs. Sadly the publishers (and, presumeably, the book-buying public) lost interest around this point, but only after this book was written; so here you can read it for nothing. All the usual copyright © conditions apply but feel free to download it for personal use.

Although the book focusses on the Monkey sign, much of it can be used by anyone else to determine their Chinese astrological profile and what it says about them. Sceptics are invited to have a go and judge for themselves how accurately their portrait fits.

A review of Chinese astrology and how to determine oneís sign.

CHAPTER ONE: The Monkey in Legend and Lore
A selection of myth, legend and history showing the significance of the Monkey in Chinese culture.

CHAPTER TWO: The Astrological Sign of the Monkey
How the basic sign is influenced by the elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and other factors.

CHAPTER THREE: Friends and Enemies
How to approach compatible and incompatible signs. Conflicts within an individualís chart.

CHAPTER FOUR: Strengths and Weaknesses
Approaches and strategies to bring out the best in the Monkey temperament.

CHAPTER FIVE: Stories About Some of the Other Signs
Tales illustrating how some other zodiac animals are perceived in the Chinese tradition.